Love shouldn’t hurt, but revenge can.
Stella has run for so long, haunted by her tragic past, until something snaps within.
Morally grey vigilante by night and café owner by day, she finds peace in the eyes of a regular customer.
Nick is a detective, searching for answers in two different horrific cases.
One is killing innocent women, the other is torturing questionable men.
He visits the café often and finds himself falling for the owner, not knowing she holds the clues he is desperate to find.
​​​​​​​Everyone hides behind a layer of protective lies, unwilling to bare their true selves.
Love is found in an unlikely place, fear runs through the city, and hearts are tested. Who’s mask will slip first to reveal the truth?

CW: Past child abuse, Murder, torture, forced cannibalism, stalking, and sexual content.  

Check your basement, lock your doors, and be watchful of your surroundings, as a new killer has emerged in the city of Cornwall. Children show up in emergency centres without a hair out of place, but the parents are dead, and detectives are being taunted.
Detective Arthur Young is in charge of the investigation. With chaos surrounding him, will he be able to solve the case and keep his life afloat, or will this be the one that consumes him? 
Stella Morris sees a vision of her future with Detective Nick Lowell, one where she finally gets the happily ever after she deserves.
But can she conceal her homicidal secrets from his curious, inquiring mind, or will she pay the
ultimate price?
TWS: Mention of foster care, mention of child abuse, mental health & therapy, graphic violence, mention of past domestic violence and murder in history, non sexy stalking, sexual content.

Hoping for a fresh start, Sophie buys her grandparent's old home. But this farmhouse is holding more than memories, and her choice may not be the only thing that comes back to haunt her.
Turning from his past to stand atop his empire alone, Eric searches for the missing piece to unlock his future.
The problem is the walls that hide his answers belong to someone else.
Though Sophie and Eric's meeting is innocent enough, will their unexpected chemistry spiral into more?
Someone is pulling strings, controlling lives, and lighting the match that will spark broken hearts, unimaginable fear, and immense torment.
How far would you go to betray someone?

TW: Suicide, stalking, sexual degradation, dom/sub dynamics, abduction, gun violence, off scene abuse. Cliffhanger-finished duo.

Book Two.
Graphic violence, death of a loved one, nightmares, PTSD, Hospitals, Dom/sub, sexual degradation

Sebastian loves Marla and knew he needed her from the moment he saw her. He protects her, even from herself, and the shadows of her past. She is his world. Nothing else exists. Sebastian would eradicate anyone who has ever hurt her, and destroy every one of her negative thoughts, just to prove how worthy she is of love. No matter where she goes, he will find her anywhere, and in any realm.
Marla is lost to the darkness of her own mind, where the echoes of self-doubt have haunted her since childhood. She wants to get the help she needs, but the government has other plans. When Sebastian is with her, the deafening noise of her inner demons fades into the background. The lingering echoes of her past persist like an unwelcome guest, tainting any hope for a perfect relationship.
Despite their love, the edges of trauma taint their perfect world. Will the love Sebastian and Marla share be enough, or will they fall at the hands of their own demons?

TWs: Suicide, medically assisted suicide, suicidal thoughts, self-harm (cutting), death, murder, teeth-pulling, light torture, blood, mention of child abuse, narcissistic parent abuse, mental health services, dystopian society vibes in regards to mental health services, fantasy realm (where you go if you commit suicide), shadow demons that torment you, mental illness, stalking, gun use, mass shooting, talk of drug use, house fire, death by house fire, graphic violence, blood play, knife play, unprotected sex, hand necklaces, pierced penis, explicit sex scenes.
*Please read the note from the author and take care of your mental health. 

He had her first, and he wants her back.
A one-night stand with an anonymous woman lingers on bachelor Gideon’s mind. He doesn’t think he’ll ever find her again until he overhears her one night after the bar in his son's room.
After a one-night stand as entertainment for a beer league hockey party, Elizabeth moves on with her life. She feels empowered until she finds herself in a controlling relationship and doesn’t know how to get out.
In this age gap forbidden romance will secrets be the unraveling or can they find their happy ending?

TWS: Threesome, squirting, exhibitionism, free use, spitting, public sex, mutual masturbation, dub con spanking, MMC has dom vibes, Verbal abuse (not mmc), alcphol over consumption, past mention of cheating. 

Brant Foster has always been the best player both on and off the ice.
That is until he meets Emily through a tantalizing want ad that promises to fulfil her every fantasy. Suddenly, Brant wants to break his own rules and stay with Emily for more than just one night.
As they embark on a relationship, Brant eagerly helps Emily discover new pleasures and pushes her boundaries in ways she never thought possible. With each passing day, their connection grows stronger as they navigate the highs and lows of love and passion together.
When Emily discovers the truth, she is left with a tough decision. Caught between loyalty and love, Emily must decide whether to fight for their love or walk away from the man who has finally ignited a fire within.

TWs: MMF bi threesome, sword crossing, hand necklaces, DP, butt stuff, pegging, toys.

Coming October 2024​

Remember, if he wanted to, he wood.
After a nasty breakup, Tasha is convinced that her Christmas is ruined. When she goes to a Christmas tree lot to find some holiday spirit, she is surprised to stumble upon some holiday magic.
Bruce, Ash, and Forest are cursed Christmas trees, who only want to give her some holiday cheer.
But after she takes them home for the holidays to enjoy in their human form, will she keep them for the year? Or will she return them back to the lot?
Can all three guys show her what it means to be truly loved and will their love be enough to break the curse?

TWs: Cheating (Not main), unusual shifters, DP, voyeur, double vagina penetration, bodily fluids (facials/squirting), light cuck kink, toys, fisting, dom/sub, hand necklaces, group sex, public sex.

Brooke is fascinated by Scotland’s enchanting waters, and when her dismissive parents send her to school there, she can’t believe her luck. But as she plunges into the depths of the loch, she discovers a hidden world beyond anything she’s ever read in the books she loves.

A member of the Hunters Against the Elites organization, Russell is a unique creature - part orc and part kraken. The mission of the organization is solely dedicated to eradicating the dangerous alliances that humans form with demons. Living in the underwater world, he could sense the existence of his true love, even though he had never laid eyes on her enchanting beauty.

As they join forces to battle their formidable foes, Brooke and Russell must also fight against their own prejudices and physical differences. Can they overcome these challenges and find love in each other’s arms?

TWs: Size difference, tentacles, demon possession, exorcism, soul trafficking, murder, DP, sexual content. 

Jenna, a dedicated bookworm and content creator, is no stranger to receiving countless promotional packages. She is surprised, however, when she finds a couple charming squish toys for her and a friend to decorate their bookshelves with. Oddly enough, not long after bringing them home, she begins to have vivid, explosive dreams and daily wicked thoughts that have her needing more... release.

Driven by a strong sense of duty, Richard, an Incubus, dedicates his efforts to fulfilling Satan’s desire of repopulating for end times. When he comes across the bookish community in hell, he quickly hatches a plan to ensure the completion of his mission. Without delay, Richard and his brothers venture towards Earth, their trouser snakes leading the way. As he watches Jenna, visiting her in her dreams, his heart strays from the purpose and toward something he never could have planned for.

Could it be true? Can good things really come in small packages? 
Breeding, Pregnancy, 
Murder (not graphic), Lucid sex dreams, Praise Kink, Mutual Masturbation, Mind Control, Demon Babies, Unprotected sex